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     Online Display Advertising Course Syllabus

    •    Where ads might appear in the Display Network
    •    About contextual targeting
    •    About the Display Network ad auction
    •    About “Search Network with Display Select”
    •    Create an effective mobile site
    •    About campaign settings
    •    About the AdWords Ad Gallery
    •    Bidding features on the display network
    •    Choose a bid for your Display Network campaign
    •    Bid on viewable impressions using viewable CPM
    •    About enhanced CPC (ECPC)
    •    About bid adjustments
    •    About automated bidding
    •    Create dynamic display ads
    •    Create a Lightbox ad
    •    Lightbox ad requirements
    •    Targeting settings on the Display Network
    •    About managed placements
    •    Target websites about specific topics
    •    About negative keywords
    •    About language targeting
    •    About ad scheduling
    •    About device targeting settings
    •    Display Planner basics
    •    About targeting your ads by audience interests
    •    About similar audiences on the display network
    •    About demographic targeting
    •    About remarking
    •    Use dynamic remarketing to show ads tailored to your site visitor
    •    Create a feed for your dynamic display ads
    •    Drive Sales and generate leads
    •    Increase brand awareness
    •    Evaluate ad performance on the Display Network
    •    Account, campaign, and ad group performance
    •    Explore your data on the Campaigns tab
    •    Optimize Display Network ads and campaigns
    •    Tips for creating effective display ads
    •    About automatic targeting in Display
    •    About conversion tracking

    Google offers multiple certification exams in Digital Marketing Domain. Digital Vidya course will help you prepare (and pass) the following exams:

    • AdWords Fundamentals
    • Search Advertising
    • Display Advertising
    • Video Advertising
    • Shopping Advertising
    • Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ)

    Btw, these exams are conducted online by Google for FREE. Anyone can register & appear in these exams.