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     Digital Marketing Overview

    As everything becoming digitalized in the world Digital marketing graph also continues to rise at a rapid pace, Marketers deal with new challenges and opportunities within this digital age. The Digital Marketing is an innovatively designed course to educate students and professors in the market for Digital Marketing. People that plan to start the Google Online Marketing Challenge are the boost to complete the Course of Digital Marketing, as the skills determined in this course will help them shape their strategy for the competition, have the most out of Ad words for their business partner and help prepare them for examination of Adwords Certification.

     Digital Marketing Cource syllabus

    • The modules in this course provide students with a comprehensive overview of the digital marketing landscape and introduces key concepts and vocabulary that will be covered in subsequent modules.
    • Never get stuck for words again. This list of regularly used digital marketing words and phrases will act as your jargon busting dictionary.
    • The Digital Garage is your one-stop shop for mastering digital marketing with free courses on everything from search to social media, to help you grow your business or career.
    • Learn how to create an online marketing plan to achieve your business goals. Get tips on how to set marketing objectives, write a plan of action, and define a marketing budget.


    When Digital devices such as laptops, palmtops, tablets are used to work for marketing activities like promotion, advertising, branding, value proposition, utility etc over the internet. Then this is known as Digital Marketing.


    6 Basic steps of a Digital Marketing procedure:

    • Clarity or Visibility
    • Appraisal
    • Commitment or obligation
    • Lead Generation
    • Bring focused traffic
    • Retention


    In training programs this one is the first module, It accentuates on building the fundamentals of Digital Marketing beginning from the scratch. This module will help you construct strong basics that would further help you in the advanced practical periods.

    Google offers multiple certification exams in Digital Marketing Domain. Digital Vidya course will help you prepare (and pass) the following exams:

    • AdWords Fundamentals
    • Search Advertising
    • Display Advertising
    • Video Advertising
    • Shopping Advertising
    • Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ)

    Btw, these exams are conducted online by Google for FREE. Anyone can register & appear in these exams.