What You Learn ?

DIGICZAR offers the complete package of Digital Marketing Course for a student who wants to build their career with bright future in Digital Marketing as a profession in Digital World.

Digiczar is a hub of effective marketing skills, where you get in-depth knowledge of all module of Digital Marketing with the practicle.

The course of digital marketing provided over here will make a robust foundation for the students of BBA, MBA, MCA, and also for some students who are looking forward to the scope of digital marketing.

As students of MBA already have the knowledge of offline marketing ideas, after learning course from here they would have accomplished knowledge of online marketing too.

Digital Marketing

Determine the basics of digital marketing along with understanding of deep knowledge and information

Website Planning
& Creation

How to plan, conceptualize and create an engaging website from scratch.

Search Engine

Get the power in your hands to rank any webpage on top of search engines for your 

Search Engine

How to create advertising campaigns on google and increase conversion with 

Social Media

Reaching out the customers on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, 


Building mobile apps on android and iOS devices, mobile friendly website and 


Measure, Analyse and improve the performance of your online marketing 

Online Display

Learn how to run flash, banner and various other form of advertisements on third 


How to shoot thousands of emails, reach inbox, generate leads and sales with email marketing.


process of driving sales by raising awareness about an online store’s brand

Lead Generation
For Business

Master the art of generating leads online and converting them into sales by creating landing 


Content is king! Learn the art of content writing for SEO enhancement


How to make money online being a part/full time freelancer by practising affiliate

Creating Internet Marketing Strategy

Learn from real examples, case-studies, practical assignments and much more.

Making Money Via Adsense & Blogging

Learn some secret tips and tricks that would get your website adsense approved.

Online Reputation

Master the art of generating leads online and converting them into sales by creating 

How to Grab Freelancing Projects

How to grab good projects as a freelancer from websites like- freelancer.com, elance.com, odesk.com, etc

The Most Advanced Digital Marketing
Program in India

Learn how to do marketing online.
Boost website traffic, generate potential leads & increase sales revenue with
better brand awareness… just like experts and agencies do it.

Outcome Of Training?

After successful completion of the Training Program you not only become capable to track and monitor digital marketing performance but you will be able to plan conceptualize and implement Digital Marketing strategy yourself. Put simply, you become an expert in marketing any business online.


Working Professionals

  • Gain expertise in operating business online.
  • High career growth with advanced skills.
  • Increase sales online & achieve your targets.
  • Help your company grow with your IM skills.
  • Every 3rd person is an MBA. Learn what really matters.
  • Work as a part time freelancer & make money online.
  • Furnish your qualification with edge on others.


  • Find more customers online for your product / service.
  • Gain expertise in operating your business online.
  • Take your business to another level by reaching a large audience.
  • Increase your revenue by marketing on internet.
  • Create your brand awareness using social media.
  • Reduce your advertising cost by 60%.
  • Generate business leads through inbound marketing.

Job Seekers

  • Improve your CV & Apply for more right job interviews.
  • Learn what others will learn later.
  • High career growth with advanced skills.
  • Work part time as a freelancer along with your studies
  • Have increased self esteem and respect from fellows.
  • Give companies extra reasons to hire you.
  • Earn commissions as an affiliate marketer.

“We build relationships, not links.”